Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Harry Potter

I admit that I've been touched by the Harry Potter madness.
Although I'm legally an adult, but I have enjoyed becoming a child again when reading these books.
Come on, how can someone not fall in love with that magical series of books? Where there are real life stories. About life and death, good and evil all wrapped in a magical atmosphere of imagination.

Sometimes I wonder how the author

J.K.Rowling thought of all of this. where di she come up with Hogwarts, Valdemort, Griffindor, the talking portraits, the moving stairs, the unicorns, defence against black magic,..... tons of things that I enjoy and wonder "How the hell did she think of them?"

I read all the books, seen all the movies even played the game
So I can't wait untill I read the newest installation.

I remember that after reading the third one my imagination just went wild I dreamed of flying brooms and moving beds (maybe it had to do with the movie "bedknobs and broomsticks" which is an old Disney movie about magic in England during WWII)
and untill now I remember some of the spells, some of the potions and the quiddich rules (for those who don't know quiddich it's a wizard game played over flying brumes and it has more than one ball and the team is divided into tiny teams each trying to get a certain ball)

I know that I might sound like a geek. But untill you read it and experience travelling with your imagination you won't understand why I'm so fired up about a children's book


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