Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just got back from the hospital where I was visiting a friend of the family. I have no clue if she's better or worse. Her husband says one thing and her son says another. I really hope she gets better, she's one of the most amaizing, sweet, caring, always smiling, friendly person I've ever met.

But that's not what's on my mind. I feel horrible admitting that, but I have a crush on her son, T.
I really want to show him that I care and that I'm here for him if he needs me, and not some line people say. I want him to notice me, not as the little girl he knows me as. The problem is almost as soon as I decided to make steps to get his attention, his mother became ill. And now it feels so inappropriate.
I hate to see him like this, tired, not eating or sleeping, loosing weight.

The funny thing is, he's been there under my nose for years. I never thought of him that way. I got myself into a number of failed relationships and semi relationships. I claimed not finding the right guy when all of this time he was right here.

Maybe I shouldn't occupy my mind with this entire matter now, and if it's ment to be then it will happen... I wish


Blogger haal said...

Still you are too young. Live freely. No planning. Just be yourself. Dont try to grab his attention. If he feels you, he will turn his eyes and soul towards you. Let the spirit talks but when they do please listen and dont be scared or run away.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Eve said...

No planning?
That's kind of impossible.
But believe me it's not like I'm obsessed with the guy, I just like him and hope he might notice me.

And for being the workaholic that he is, he only sees things that are right under his nose, so sometimes I try to a7shor nafsi there.

10:45 PM  

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