Thursday, July 28, 2005

The sunflower story

One of the things that always got my attention was greek mythology.
How they had an explenation for evetything they saw. And how they had a god for every little detail in their lives. How they have been able to humanize their gods, make them love, hate, lust, betray,...

But the story that I loved the most was the sunflower story.

So there was the god of the sun, helios, he rode his golden carriage every day carrying the sun. He made his trip acreoss the sky from dawn untill sunset. He was, like most greek gods, very handsome, very glorius and very easy to fall in love with.
And that's what happened to this girl (can't remember her name). She fell in love with the sun god. She used to sit everyday watching him as he made his trip, from sun rise till sun down. Everyday, without trying to get his attention, without him knowing that there was a mortal down there madly in love with him.
But the other gods were watching. Zeus in particular. Who was a no stranger to love. He took pity on her. And decided that she will never loose sight of her lover.
So he turned her into a sunflower. Watching the sun everyday from sun rise till sun set, moving with its lover. And when night falls, she closes herself waiting for the next day till she sees her eternal love.

Amaizing isn't it? I wonder how they had such vast immagination and creativity.
And how most every myth revolves around love. Love lost, love found.
Simply beautiful


Blogger haal said...

Sunflower! I have some in our garden actually. Wondered at times of the 'pleasure' they feel when toatally focusing on the Source. However, sometimes I wonder how would you love so badly if you didn't see 'except' your lover? Is love a choice we made, a pure feeling one, that has nothing to do with logic! They always say to know good you have to see evil and vice versa. But in some absolute cases, 'beings' just choose to see the light and know it without the need to see the other side. i guess in the light there is all...but who said that in the dark the same 'everything' doesnt exist.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Alina said...

I remember reading the story when I was about 10 years old. I used to be completely mesmerized by the love stories of Greek gods. The whole antient Greek culture was amazing, Eve, and their imaginative stories of their almost human gods make no difference.
Haal, I really don't think it is choosing anymore. If a being is born to always follow the light, that being isn't actually choosing, right? But who knows who is really stronger? The one who has never been tempted, or the one who has, and still chooses the light (this of course meaning we only consider those who do choose the good in the end).

11:17 AM  
Blogger haal said...

Kay, this is exactly my point!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Eve said...

I think that true love is about choices. following both your heart and mind not just one that makes a good love story. And I thinnk that's the case in the sunflower if you mean the myth. The girl chose to sit and watch, she could have left but she didn't and I think it became the destiny of all other sunflowers to love the same "person"

2:56 PM  

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