Monday, July 03, 2006

L'Italiano vero

My earliest childhood memory about football is the final in 1994 between Italy and Brazil. I was 10. Probably the only 10 year old girl who had such enthousiasm about a football match.
The secret is I wasn't enthousiastic about the match, I was VERY enthousiastic about Italy.

I lived in Italy 2 years. They were probably the best years of my childhood.
I was different, loved, cared for. I stood out and blended in. I had so many friends, I was the teacher's pet and every parent of my friends loved me.
Back there I wanted to become a singer, a dancer and an artist. All of my thoughts were transleted into cute 6 year old drawings. Later I discover I'm tone deaf and my drawing skills freezed at my 6 year old drawings.

I'm proud of every moment I spent in Rome. Sometimes I regret returning to Egypt. Moving from a mixed school where I I had no dress code, where I first kissed a boy (on the cheeck), where I met Julia Rosa and Lorenzo Marsili and Veronica my best friends, where the biggest achievent in maths classes was to successfully cut paprs without using scisors. I left all this to a Catholic school in Egypt, all girl, strict dress code, and exams, exams exams and some more exams.

I cried in 1994 when Brazil beat Italy, to this day I hate Brazil. I cried when France has beaten Italy in 1998 and again in 2000. I have grown a little since 200 and I don't cry over a football game, but I chear Italy like I'm cheering my own country. What if Egypt and Italy played? Who will you suppor? I've been asked this question alot and my answer is Italy, coz first they will surely win and second because Italy gave me in 2 years what Egypt failed in giving me my entire life.... the chance of being me, being accepted , loved and appreciated as ME.

So no matter how bad Italy plays, no matter if they win or lose. I will be there with my Tshirt and silly hat that have their flag colors supportin, cheering, crying, praying...

I have even had a bet with my boyfriend tht they will win today over Germany. The bet is 100 L.E. Yes I am that confident (please God make them win or i'll starve for the rest of the month)



Blogger Adam said...

honey; u will have ur 100 LE. Coz
i wont let u starve. SO congarts
u just earned extra 100!!!

3:13 AM  
Blogger Rain said...

Congrats for Italy and for u winning the bet ;)

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Aisha said...

hey i came across ur page by accident .. and i was surprised when i read abt u watching the brazil italy match .. cos i remember that was the first time i watched football too, i was 9 then and ever since iv always been for italy .. i did so cos my dad was supporting italy.. i never lived there and i dunno why i love italy so much ;)

so i was surprised when i came across someone my age who loves italy like i do .. :)

congrats on the italy win .. forza azzurri !!

12:00 AM  
Blogger Tarek said...

I was 14 then, however I still remember that match, I remeber when baggio missed the penalty kick.

7:49 PM  

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