Friday, July 29, 2005

All hail.... Physics?!

Since I was a little kid, I loved math and physics. Never knew why but never had any trouble studying them and getting full marks.
That's why probably I ended up in engineering (which turned out to be a disaster, but that's not the subject).

Inever understood why I loved maths. Especially algebra. I LOVED to study it. I'd stay up from almost 11pm till almost 3 or 4 am solving maths. I have my favourite music on, I'm in my comfortable chair and I just solve and solve.

The most amazing thing about maths is how it rationalize your thinking. You have to analyze the problem, then decide which rule to begin with. As you progress in your solving you might use other rules, maybe they're ones you learned a few days ago or maybe they're ones you learned years ago. You never forget a rule. The problem starts to be solved and you see how beautiful it is to reach the answer, to let it unfold using nothing but your brain.

I remember when a problem was too hard to solve, or when I just couldn't get it's idea. I would go to sleep and dream about the answer. Yes I swear I dreamt not just once about my maths homework. Which rule to use, which step did I do wrong.
I would get up, run to my books, scribble the answer and get back to sleep.
I loved maths because it made me feel special, strong and capable of solving my problems.

But physics. That's another story. Physics is the science that explains everything, and because I'm an extremely nosy and curious person; I loved it.
I'm not afraid of flying because I know the rules of physics with which planes fly. I love my car because I know how she moves, and what happens when I shift the gear. I love my cell phone because, although I don'rt know much about electronics, I understand the concept.

I love physics because it explains how the world goes round. How we move and how we do everything in our lives.

I never loved chemisty because it delt with tiny things that did not interest me. And I never loved biology coz it had too many complicated Latin words and my memory in names is zero.

As a matter of fact if I wasn't a believer in God, I would have worshiped physics.


Anonymous angelium said...

i've always loved maths, but never reached that dreaming point...
i've never notice how solving a problem is so relevant to life problems untill i read this post!
i too used 2 love physics, but i reached that certain point where i just can' take it anymore! it turned into hatred... but i do agree that it explains everythin around u.

3:03 PM  

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