Friday, July 21, 2006

Why does it all have to happen to ME???!!

Last week I went to a small resort on the Mediterranean sea to relax and spend some time with my best friend who is getting married and leaving for Canada in one month (sniff...).

Her family owns a chalet there and her uncle and aunt own villas in another resort near by. I thought it was going to be sun, fun and you know all that summery stuff. But it was the worst week ever.

My best friend's gramma had had a stroke earlier, so her son thought it would be nice if she changed and left Cairo for somewhere with cleaner air. But he was so wrong, she had 4 strokes in one week, one of them in the tongue. The poor lady couldn't speak or swallow. Upon seeing her, my frien's mom was devastated and cried the entire day.

The following day my friend's brother, his pregnant wife and little daughter came. First the kid got fever and then the wife started bleeding and we feared she might have a miscarriage. So with the tears of my friend's mother and father they left for Cairo, where they headed straight to the doctor. Mother and baby are doing fine, thank God.

Back to the granma. She went to the doctor who prescribed a certain medicine to prevent the formation of strokes (this is what I understood). But she suffered from it's side effects, she had seizers for about 5 hours. Seeing this, her son turned white, his daughter had some kind of rash and well everyone became nervous.

In the middle of all this, I became depressed. I have known these people for my entire life, they are my family. But I am here on vacation God damnit not an episode of ER.
I tried to be cheerful and tell my friend that it's ok, so she doesn't feel guilty of dragging me here, but all I wanted was to go home to my mummy....

Oh I forgot to mention that my boyfriend went to the hospital. He's ok now, but it was among that amazing week.
I never thought I might miss Cairo that much.


Blogger Deeeeeee said...

I always miss Cairo when I'm away, whether I'm in Luxor, Alex, Germany or the US! For some reason, I'm constantly under its spell. Would love to ask about the people, but this post was in July and I'm in April! Still hope all turned out for the best! :)

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