Friday, July 29, 2005

Eddie Grant

Nile fm has a show that's called "Club Mercedes". It's a dance music program. And although I'm no fan of dance music I listen to it every week.
Why? Because of Eddie it's presenter. He has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. You know, this deep, manly voice. And he has a british accent.

Call me superficial, but english accents turn me on. Yeah I'm like those dumb american girls in "love actually" that sit amazed when the english guy says straw.
I don't know but I can sit for 2 hours listening to dumb songs just to listen to a glimpse of his voice after every couple of tracks.

I'm in desperate need of a boyfriend, right?
It would be better if he was english, thought


Anonymous anGelium said...

u seem to be desperately in love with the guy :P
i can't recall the program, but it seems i've missed ALOT!
ppl, don't think we r desperate, we r not! (who am i kiddin) :D

2:56 PM  

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