Saturday, August 05, 2006


  • I'm still single and not looking. I'm very comfortable with my current situation. A few days ago I went with my best friend to finish shopping before her wedding, then returned to her home where we just sat, chatted and watched TV. I had such a good time, I returned home around 1:00 am. I couldn't have done that with my boyfriend around. I'm a bit lonely, but I rather be alone and lonely than in a relationship and lonely.
  • My aunt has been diagnosed with dementia. The doctor says it can be treated with medications thank God. She's been in a fast decline for some time. But no one would do anything until they see it for themselves. After a couple of incidents with my cousin and uncle, they discovered it's serious and took her for tests. I hope everything goes alright.
  • My best friend's wedding is in 19 days and I still don't have a dress. I'm so stressed out, not just because of the dress. It's mainly because she's leaving after the wedding to Canada. My final year in University is almost here and I have to give a serious thought about my future. And I'm running out of friends. Everything sucks.

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Blogger Alina said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, but thank God it can be treated. Also congrats on your friend's wedding and relax, I am sure you will find a gorgeous dress and manage to stay in touch with her after she moves to Canada.

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