Monday, August 01, 2005

Democracy a la egyptienne

In Mobarak's speech in which he announced his candidacy for a FIFTH term as president of Egypt he promised to change the emergency law to a special terrorism one.


Come on. Does he think he is talking to a bunch of drewling idiots who wet themselves occasionly? He has been operating under the Emergency Law for 24 years. Moslty under pretence to fight terrorism and drugs. And throughout those 24 years Egypt experienced all its terrorists act. They only ended after 1997 when a group of tourists-mostly swiss and japanese-were killed in Luxor.

Everybody knows that the emergency law is applied to the opposition of the Mubarak regime. Thousands of egyptians are imprisoned mostly with no charges or trials. Police officers have the authority to arrest anyone for no reason what so ever.
It was written in some news paper that a mosque cleric was arrested for not praying (yed3y)for Mubarak after the friday prayers.

And yet he has the nerves to talk about democracy to talk about the precence of real presidantial elections.
Yesterday there was a demonstration in Tahrir square protesting Mubarak's candidacy. They were beaten, dragged and arrested. Some of them were journalists, university professors and even one of the founders of the Kifaya mouvement.

I also saw Wolf Blitzer interviewing Ahmad Nazif our prime minister on CNN today. He wasn't cornred enough, Wolf was quite nice with him, asked him one question about the elections and that was it. I wonder why. Wolf blitzer used to corner Egyptian and arab officials who were on his show. Why the change of strategy?


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