Friday, August 26, 2005

Back from vacation

Last week I went on vacation. A much needed vacation.
I went with my family to a resort on the red sea.
And it was like a piece of Heaven. The weather was perfect, nice breeze with no humidity. I was lazy all day, go to the beach in the afternoon and after a nice bath being lazy again infront of the TV.

I was pampered and spoiled by the entire family. I washed the dishes twice maybe just as a sign of good will, but other than that I didn't lift a finger.

It made me wonder about the mess I was in earlier. And I made a decision. I will put aside all the problems that were causing me trouble in the past few months. They were mainly caused by my fear of the future. What the hell will I do when I finish college. I'm a lousy engineer so I won't do that, but I have to find something that I like an want to do and start figuring out how. What courses should I take, where should I do my training, etc...
All of this caused me great discomfort. So on my holiday I reached a conclusion. I won't think about long term plans, I will rather have a short term plan where I will put all my energy in it. If it succeeds maybe my long term plans will be fixed by themselves.

Wish me luck


Blogger haal said...

forget about long terms bla, bla. just work work work--and think NOW.

1:12 PM  

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