Monday, April 24, 2006

Dahab Bombings

A few hors ago 3 bombs exploded in Dahab a small city near Sharm ElSheikh.
I found my mom rushing to call my uncle who was in Sharm to make sure he's all right. I was confused at first. Another bombing? How did it happen? Where is security? Why now? Why on Easter? And why is it a day before Egypt celebrates getting Taba and all of Sinai back.

I was sick to my stomach that a bunch of cowards who didn't even the guts to blow themselves up. At least the world would be one terrorist (or more) less which is never a bad thing.

Reports on casualties are mixed up. The official Egyptian report says 10 dead (4 foreigners & 6 egyptians) and 62 injured. But according to
other sorces the nuber is higher up.

This bombings happens the same day the Egyptian government is.cracking down on judges. Different people stood today infront of the Judges' Syndicate to show their support to the Judges' battle against the corruption and against the prosecution of two of their colleagues by the government. They were arrested by the "alert" Egyptian police. Nice to know I'm safe guarded by MORONS who arrest judges, professors, students and other harmful "bad" people while letting the nice terrorists kill and destroy my country.

I want to say that I will not be put down by this and that terrorists will never win. But I can't. I feel like everything that has been done to stop the bloodshed here has gone to waist. But still if there's gonna be a protest like the one after the Sharm Bombings count me in.

Those fuckheads will never win.