Friday, February 16, 2007

Missing Egypt

In the past few weeks I made a few new friends. One of them is an egyptian canadian who lived all his life in Canada but came to Egypt for university. I know, Egypt is not the number one in University education but my guess is his parents wanted him to live in a more "conservative" society. Yeah, right.

He is returning to Canada next year. So out of curiosity I asked:
"Sotell me what is the thing you will miss most about Egypt"
Him "Nothing"
Me "That can't be right. There has to be at least one thing you'll miss"
Him "Nope, not really"
Me "Wow you spent 5 years in a place and you won't miss anything at all?"
Him "Exactly"

This conversation got me thinking about the things I will miss in Egypt as a country without including family and friends.

1- Felouka:
I love the idea of felouka (little sail boat). Sailing in the middle of Cairo, finding a strange calmness in all the madness of the capital. Parking is a bitch, that's true. But after those 2 hours I feel like it's all worth it. I usually go with friends spending all the time taking pictures, great souvenirs. And I think it's also very romantic, I've never been on a date there but I think it's an amaizing idea.

2- Wallking in korba
Korba is an area in Heliopolis. It's supposed to be the market for the neighbourhood. I adore it. I love the feel of the place. I love the shops; the cafes, the florist, the bookshops,... simply all of it. It's architecture is a mix between islamic and european, it has a strange ancient but hip feel to it. Nothing beats it.

3- Strangers
Once my car broke in the middle of a very busy street. I had just got my licence and I had no idea what to do. An old guy got out of his car and gave me water and a truck driver opened the hood and the thing was boiling, he was risking his life I'm serious. They don't know who I am and didn't wait for a thank you, they did that because they can. How amaizing is that?

I'm sure there is more I'll miss but these are my top 3.